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High Holidays hours

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Our office and the Kosher Co-op will be open for their usual hours over the High Holidays, except where they coincide with chagim. See below for a list of days we’ll be closed for the chagim.

From everyone at the Centre we wish you shanah tovah and a gut yohr!


  1. Monday 10 September (Rosh Hashana).

  2. Tuesday 11 September (Rosh Hashana).

  3. Wednesday 19 September (Yom Kippur).

  4. Monday 24 September (Sukkot).

  5. Tuesday 25 September (Sukkot).

  6. Monday 1 October (Shmini Atzeret).

  7. Tuesday 2 October (Simchat Torah).

Usual hours


  1. Monday-Friday: 9am-4:30pm.

Kosher Co-op

  1. Sunday: 11am-2pm.

  2. Wednesday: noon-4pm.

  3. Thursday: 5pm-7pm.

  4. Friday: 10-2:30pm.

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