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The Wellington Jewish Community Centre is committed to enhancing Jewish life. A wide range of activities and events are on offer. We are proud to be a community founded in 1843. 

Our mission has always been to provide outlets for Jewish life in all its aspects. Outstanding cultural, spiritual, social and educational experiences are what draw our members again and again

The WJCC is structured as an incorporated society (300404) and registered charity (CC33258) . All donations are eligible for Tax credits.

The WJCC's Constitution can be found here

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History of our Community

"World Famous in Wellington"

The Centre is the home of one of Australiasia’s oldest orthodox congregations (our first service was held on Shabbat Bo in 1843) and a wide range of Jewish community organisations and facilities including a kosher store, a kindergarten, the Holocaust Education Centre, the New Zealand Jewish Archives and more.

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Read more about the Wellington Jewish community and the wider New Zealand Jewish community online:

You can also read more about the history of the Wellington Jewish community in the coffee table book 'A Standard for the People', published to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the congregation in 1993. Copies are available for sale from the office.

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Rabbis and Congregational leaders

We have a proud history of uninterrupted strong Rabinnical leadership

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