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Wellington city is incredible for getting around. It is surrounded by dramatic bush-clad hills, homes nestled on the steep streets, and a beautiful deep-water harbour. All combined, these create a truly winning combination for a superb place to live. The inner city’s petite nature makes getting around a breeze; in fact many Wellingtonians’ preferred method of transport is walking or cycling (and many of our members do!). The WJCC and wider Jewish community is very tight-knit and we have many social, cultural, educational and religious activities and programs for Jews of all backgrounds and all ages. We are often noted by visitors staying with us for Shabbat and Chagim as being incredibly warm and welcoming, much more so than other places they have visited. The result is many visitors staying in touch with us regularly and often contributing to our exciting projects and activities.

Deutsche Bank has listed Wellington in 2017 and 2018 as second most livable city in the world, and first in quality of life. The Lonely Planet travel guide proclaims Wellington as the fourth best city in the world, calling it ‘the coolest little capital in the world’. 

The Wellington Jewish Community Centre is located at 80 Webb Street, right in the city centre, just off Highway 1 leading into the city. Jews in Wellington do not live in any specific suburb or area of Wellington, rather choosing where to live based on personal preferences. Travelling around Wellington is a breeze with the very worst of traffic still only taking 40 minutes. With no traffic 12-15 minutes from the outermost suburbs to the city centre is the norm. There are also many Wellingtonians, and some of our own community members, who choose to live further  up in the "Kapiti Coast" and travel by train (40min) or around 1 hour by car.

Making the Move!: About Us
Making the Move!: About Us


Immigration New Zealand has a very informative and easy to use website. It is best to call and speak to an immigration advisor about your personal circumstances. We are very happy to help with general advice about Wellington and can help in the first little while of your arrival but are not able to provide legal advice. 


New Zealand has a great education system with most public schools offering free tuition (a small number may request 'compulsory donations' for extra curricular activities). Check out this handy list of Wellington schools by NZ's Ministry of Education

The Education Review Office provides regular reports on the different kindergartens and schools' performance and learning outcomes.

Making the Move!: About Us


The Wellington region is the seat of New Zealand’s government, with related national administrative functions and international connections, and with strengths in knowledge-intensive business services.

The region contributed 13 per cent of national GDP, provided 11.5 per cent of national employment and was home to 10.7 per cent of New Zealand’s population in the year ending June 2018.

Popular channels for job-seekers include:

Trade Me Jobs  - lists a large number of jobs in Wellington.

Seek - New Zealand's largest general job website.

New Kiwis - an online programme connecting skilled job seekers (local and global) with New Zealand employers.

Workhere - specifically designed to connect offshore skilled workers and Kiwi expats with New Zealand employers.

Work and Income - jobs available in Wellington for Job Seekers. - lists recruitment companies in New Zealand. lists jobs available in government.

Making the Move!: About Us
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