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Share an idea for our logo!

We will be celebrating our 175th anniversary a few months from now so we thought it was time we designed a logo for the Wellington Jewish Community Centre so it can look it’s best.

We’ll want to design something that will work well in print and online and will stand the test of time. (The stylised “W” you can see here on our website is just a temporary placeholder for now.)

We’ll we showing options to members for feedback in a couple of months but we’d like to hear your ideas.

If you have any ideas we should throw into the mix please let us know!

Historic Wellington Jewish Social Club flag

Your idea might be a concept (such as: a lion, connecting us to the lion of Judah and the lion on Wellington’s coat of arms), or it might be a logo design you like (maybe you like the magen David centre piece in the historic WJSC flag pictured), or you might even sketch a suggestion.

You can suggest your ideas on our online suggestion page at Tricider (details below) or if you prefer you can email

You can visit our suggestion page at Tricider and post an idea (with words or a picture) and note the pros and cons of ideas others have suggested.

Please be sure to share your ideas before 16 July so they’re in the mix.

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