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Religious leaders get a taste of the seder

Rabbi Mizrahi explaining the seder plate to attendees.

Rabbi Mizrahi explaining the seder plate to attendees.

The Centre hosted an interfaith seder this week attended by leaders of the local Assyrian Christian, Bahai, Chinese Anglican, Muslim, Sikh, and Presbyterian communities.

Rabbi Yitzchak Mizrahi, who guided attendees through the seder, said participants enjoyed the experience and were fascinated by the interactive rituals and enactment of the liberation from slavery as prescribed by the seder.

Rabbi Mizrahi said “the Passover seder is a unique ritual that has piqued curiosity the curiosity and fascination of all faiths for centuries. This was an opportunity to share our traditions and give a glimpse of what happens behind Jewish doors.”

Rabbi Mizrahi produced an abridged hagadah for the event highlighting important elements of the seder and its rituations, including the items on the seder plate, wine, matzah, and covering the main points of magid (the story of the liberation from slavery in Egypt).

The event was jointly organised by the Wellington Jewish community and the Embassy of Israel.

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