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Naso – Man on the Moon

Parshat Nasso is known as the single longest Torah portion, containing 176 verses, equal to the number of verses in the longest chapter of Psalms (chapter 119). What makes this Parsha longer than most is the painstaking repetition of the gifts given over the first 12 days of the Mishkan’s operation by the 12 tribal leaders of Israel.

On the first day the tribe of Judah was represented by their leader, Nachshon ben Aminadav. The Torah details his gift:

  1. A silver platter weighing 130 shekel units, filled with a meal offering of flour mixed with oil.

  2. A silver bowl weighing 70 shekel units, also filled with a meal offering of flour mixed with oil.

  3. A golden spoon weighing 10 shekel units, filled incense for the golden altar.

  4. One bull, one ram and one yearling lamb as burnt offerings.

  5. One goat as a sin offering.

  6. 2 bulls, 5 rams, 5 goats and five yearling lambs were brought as peace offerings.

On the second day the next tribe brought the identical offering, but the Torah doesn’t merely state that the second offering