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Introducing our new logo!

We’re delighted to introduce our new logo!

Earlier this year we asked for ideas for a new logo and we received an excellent selection of submissions.

We asked for member feedback on the ideas you sent in and we submitted the three ideas with the most positive feedback from members to the Board for its consideration.

The Board was impressed with the quality of all three concepts and after much discussion settled on the final logo (with one minor change) as most representative of our community and our past.

The infographic below showcases our new logo and explains the visual elements used in the design.

We would like to thank everyone who gave us feedback on the logo ideas and especially thankful to those who submitted concepts and logo suggestions: Seth Schanzer, Tut Blumenthal, Alex Grinberg, Uri Khein, and Sandra Zukerman.

About our new logo

Using the new logo

Anyone wanting to use the new WJCC logo – or the 175th anniversary variation – should contact for files and usage guidelines (currently being developed).

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