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Schedule your Pesach shopping

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26 March, 2020

With Pesach around the corner and NZ under lockdown to stop the spread of Covid-19, the WJCC has worked on a plan to allow safe shopping for Pesach to go ahead which addresses the following issues:

   - Access for all the community by having options on how to shop; 

   - Safety of the the Kosher Co-Op's team running the shop; and

   - Safety of individuals who choose to come to shop.

There will be one customer in the shop at any one time.


In the interest of safety, do not bring people with you who are not directly assisting you. Please NO children.  Please bring your own shopping bags. Some boxes available.


After your 10 minutes are up, you will be asked to exit the shop so that the next person can have an opportunity to buy what they need.  No exceptions.

Please adhere to this 10 minute time slot and be considerate. Booking two consecutive time slots will not be honored.

If possible, please avoid paying using cash. Eftpos and credit card are preferred forms of payment at this time due to lesser risk of transmission. 

For your convenience a list of Pesach goods is attached in PDF format. We suggest you print the list and mark those items you would like to purchase ahead of time. This will save time for all and maximise your allotted time at the shop. Prices will be uploaded once finalised.

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