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We’re looking for an interim rabbi

Join our search for an interim rabbi while we look for a new permanent rabbi for our community.

The Wellington Jewish Community Centre’s Rabbi Mizrahi has announced he is taking up a new role overseas with the Kansas Vaad Hakashruth and is leaving in late July.

We are looking for an interim rabbi to start in late July while we look for a permanent replacement.  

The Centre is home to Wellington’s only orthodox congregation in a small but diverse Jewish community. Our rabbis have enjoyed a great work-life style (which Wellington is famous for) in New Zealand’s vibrant capital but also the challenge of serving a small community.

We are working on a new job description for the position but only expect an interim rabbi who will deliver the essentials of the draft job description.

These essentials that an interim rabbi must be able to do are:

  1. Lead the conduct of all religious services, including reading Torah at every kriyas haTorah and most haftoros, and delivering sermons.

  2. Officiate at life cycle events. (Acting as a mohel is not necessary.)

  3. Assist in organising and attending minyanim as needed.

  4. Oversee kashrus supervision at the Centre, Centre-affiliated events, and the Centre’s Kosher Co-op. (Performing shechita is not necessary.)

  5. Support pre-bar mitzvah education for three upcoming bnei mitzvos.

  6. Support delivery of weekly youth education classes.

  7. Provide pastoral care, focusing on members and families with illness or bereavements.

The draft permanent rabbi job description (which we’re currently consulting with members on) also gives an idea of the work our rabbi does although the essentials for an interim rabbi are only a part of this.

The appointment would initially be for 3 months with the possibility of extension for another 3 months depending on progress appointing a permanent rabbi.

Interested applicants can apply online or contact the search committee at for more information.

Further information

How to apply

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