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Matot – Pray Baby, Pray!

Praying Hands

The stories coming out of the war zone, those areas under threat of constant rocket fire, which include almost all parts of Israel, are reminiscent of the Gulf war in 1991. 39 Scud missiles were shot out of Iraq with an astoundingly low number of casualties. This was long before Israel had a proper missile defense system. They used patriot missiles to try and intercept the scuds, which was better than nothing but hardly reliable to provide adequate protection.

A rocket fell on a petrol station in Ashdod, causing a huge fire in a tank containing 35,000 liters of petrol. Why the tank did not explode, causing immeasurable harm, is beyond us. There was an additional tank of petrol underground, containing 100,000 liters of petrol.

In Beer Sheva a rocket fell on a soccer field. A large group of kids had left the field minutes earlier.