• Rabbi Ariel Tal

Jewish Camp: Where Judaism is Fun!

Camp - Where Judaism is Fun!

Wait...can Judaism really be fun? That may not be the popular opinion of Judaism. In fact, many Jewish people around the world populate Synagogues mainly on Yom Kippur - i.e. the longest, most intense davening experience in the year. Moreover, on Yom Kippur there is no Kiddish (because we fast!), and most of the service is conducted in Hebrew, which is genuinely not the native language of most Shul attendees. Not necessarily your “best seller program” to promote sustainable dedication to Judaism. Of course, Yom Kippur services are important and should be well attended, but will attending Yom Kippur service help create a sustainable and long term connection to Judaism? How can we create a Jewish experience that does create a sustainable and long term positive connection to Judaism and can be fun?

Enter Jewish camps in New Zealand and around the world! If you ask any former Wellingtonian about their affiliation it usually will be either “Bnei” or “Habo” depending on which camp they went to. They will tell you about the time that Wellington had a busload of kids they sent to Bnei camp and how Bnei Akiva in NZ (and worldwide as well) is a “victim