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Emor – Seven Weeks and Counting

The Mitzvah of counting the Omer is a very interesting concept. There is nothing parallel to it in the other Mitzvot of


The mystics have found a relationship between the days of the Omer and the seven lower sefirot – spiritual spheres. Each of the seven weeks corresponds to one of those spheres and each day of the week similarly corresponds to one of those seven spheres. This results in two layers of spiritual energy corresponding to each day – one for the day of the week and another for that week of the Omer.

The sixth chapter of Avot includes a Mishna enumerating 48 ways in which the Torah is acquired, 48 attitudes and character traits which serve as enablers of Torah absorption. Some commentators suggest that each day of the Omer one should focus on developing one of these traits until by the end of the count, when Shavuot rolls around, one has developed one’s character to be a fitting abode in which the Torah can reside.